Feast and Fast

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God who is Creator, Christ, and Spirit, you have accompanied us in many forms – wind, fire, temple, mana, parent, vine, voice. In all the ordinary categories of daily life. We know so little about you, except that you are life and grace and mystery, drawing all people equally into your love.

So let us feast on simple pleasures, and fast from all that gets our bodies and souls out of balance.

Let us feast on kindness, and fast from sarcasm.
Let us feast on compassion, and fast from holding grudges.

Let us feast on patience, and fast from anxiety.

Let us feast on peace, and fast from stirring up needless conflict.
Let us feast on acceptance and fast from judgement.

Let us feast on joy, and fast from jealousy.
Let us feast on faith, and fast from fear.

Let us feast on creativity, and fast from all that deadens our souls.
Let us feast on social justice, and let us fast from negligence of the most vulnerable.

Let us feast on service to others, and fast from selfishness.
Let us feast on delight, and fast from despair.

We are your people, transform us.


(credit: Jim Burklo, “Book of Common Prayer – Liturgical Elements”)

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