June TLT Meeting Minutes

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1st Meeting TLT June 10th 2015

Start meeting/ Welcome and Introductions 7:30pm – 7:45pm

Nominations and vote for TLT positions 7:45pm – 7:50pm

Chair = James Rohl

Vice chair = Holly Greenidge

Secretary = Chad Leverich

Treasurer = Stephanie VanRheen and Carly Ritorto

Preptalk about D.O.C, Charlie Wallace, Doug Wirth 7:50pm – 8pm

Introduction of TLT to D.O.C Reps plus Q and A sesh. 8pm – 8:40pm

1. Disciples.org is best weblink for information on the Christian Church (Disciples of

Christ). This is coming from D.O.C Reps Doug and Charlie

TLT members to draft constitution are Holly Greenidge, Steve Henderson, and Chad Leverich

with 1-2 people from the congregation to join team. Names discussed were Jeana Wines and

Aaron VanRheen. To be announced this Sunday June 14th 2015. 8:41pm – 8:45pm

Consideration for D.O.C to be our 501c3 tax umbrella 7 yes 1 no (due to time constraints)

8:46pm – 9:31pm

Ministry Reports Children’s (Kristine) Currently working on it with Beth, nothing to


Worship(Chad) Exploring options for help and networking

Pastoral (Andy) Changing interior and stage. Hospitality, We as a

church will pick up slack for Betty, who is in charge of clean up now(she needs help there too).

Discussion on blended worship with UMPC is forthcoming

UMC liason(Steve) He is doing it.

Finance(Steph and Carly) Finances for church handed out and was

agreed that congregation needs to know but how? (announcement,website,email,Facebook)

9:31pm – 10:16pm

Summer events (someone mentioned softball and we all laughed) 10:6pm – 10:17pm

Meeting times for rest of summer July 15th,August12th, September 16th all at 7pm

10:17pm – 10:23pm

Closing Prayer Andy 10:23pm – 10:25pm

Meeting Ends 10:25pm

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